DevOps & Microservices

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DevOps & Microservices

DevOps is a systematic automation process that emphasizes on disciplined approach in the entire software development life cycle, from design to development through test process to production support.

The promised benefits include faster software releases, visibility through the life cycle thereby solve critical issues quickly, and better establish the trust and reliability in the process.


Endless possibilities
DevOps can create an infinite loop of release and feedback for all your code and deployment targets.




DevOps in other words is an amalgamation of key discipline in the software delivery where integrated environment of blending workforce, automate, being lean through continuous improvement and measurement and sharing within the team are guiding framework for the outcome.


DevOps Consulting, Training and Outsourcing



SourceEdge offers DevOps consulting & DevOps services by employing the best tools of deployment, monitoring, logging and configuration management. We provide expertise in continuous integration & continuous delivery, deployment automation & testing, and infrastructure management services.




Microservices also called as the microservice architecture - is an approach to developing a single application as a collection of loosely coupled services, each running in its own process and communicating with lightweight mechanisms, where services are built around business capabilities. The microservice architecture enables the continuous delivery/deployment of large, complex applications.

Today, DevOps and Microservices are considered to be two important trends that have emerged in the enterprise. Both practices are widely spreading in the industry that are designed to offer greater agility and operational efficiency for the enterprise.

Microservice architecture is the result of common set of DevOps ideologies that came into being at technology innovators like Netflix, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and several others. In many cases, those technology orchestrators started with monolithic applications, which rapidly evolved into decomposed services, which then communicated via RESTful APIs and other network-based messaging protocols to become the harbingers of a microservices-based architecture.


Difference between Monolithic and Microservices architecture?


In a monolithic software, considering a three-tier architecture with presentation layer, business layer and data access layer; the business tier executes the business logic, the database collects/stores application specific persistence data, and the UI shows the data to the user. In a Microservice architecture doesn’t hold services together, but they are independent services so that it can be deployed and managed solely at that level and doesn't depend on other services.


Benefits of Microservices Architecture


Independent Scaling

Each microservice can scale independently using pools, clusters, grids

Independent Upgrades

Each microservice can deployed independently Teams are independent

Easy Maintenance

Each microservice does one feature code more readable

Potential Heterogeneity and Polyglotism

Teams may have platform, language

Failure and Resource Isolation

If one service crash, it will not affect the rest of application

Improved Communication Across Teams

Members of domain work in single team

Easy Modifiability

microservices prove to be easier to work with and support dynamic discovery and binding via a registry


Our Microservices Consulting


Our Microservices experts can guide architecture design and delivery of microservices based applications after carefully analysing your business needs. Our services includes:

Modernization Consulting

Our Microservices experts can guide our customers’ team meet its goals with Microservices adoption, including the rewrite of applications to a Microservices based architecture

Microservices Migration

Our Microservices experts can work with you to develop a strategy for migrating your monolith to a microservice-based architecture

Microservices Development and Deployment

Our Microservice experts can help you develop, test and deploy your microservice-based applications


We can jointly work to implement and deploy any of your application’s functionality into Microservices based architecture

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