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Today’s businesses are continuously facing challenges in their operations with fast changing dynamics of commoditization of offerings. Businesses have to constantly review the productivity, reducing the operational cost, resources optimisation while focusing on customer experience, differentiation on services & product offerings and operational efficiency. SourceEdge, since it’s establishment in 2004, has accumulated over 6000 man years of experience in working with global customers on diversified projects, different industries, multiple technologies & platforms and different geographies; can help customers to drive adaptive business processes for operational excellence of optimised use of IT systems and solutions.

Cloud Advisory

As today businesses are focusing on gaining competitive advantage leveraging the IT innovation on collaboration, process agility at low operational costs, Cloud solutions become more inevitable to realise the much-needed flexibility. It is very important that your business needs to build a cloud adoption strategy to get the maximum business benefit out of the Cloud.

Our Cloud Advisory Services is to help our customers to assess current business landscape with IT systems in use and develop the right Cloud roadmap and Cloud migration strategy to meet future growth needs. With digitalisation emphasis of enterprises, SourceEdge helps enterprises to transition to digital world that empowers the ease of conducting business with higher degree of agility, scalability and flexibility while making balancing decisions on IT investment between CAPEX and OPEX models.

Our Cloud Advisory Services include

  • Assessing businesses readiness to move applications to Cloud
  • Identifying and evaluating the potential Public and Private Cloud vendors
  • Leveraging Cloud capabilities along with Mobility and Social Media to enable Digital Enterprise transformation.
  • Building a business case including detailed Security guidance
  • Defining Cloud strategy and roadmap for Cloud adoption
  • Developing multi-source governance frameworks specific to the Enterprise domain and operational requirements.

Architecture Consulting

For today’s ever changing technologies, solution architecture plays a very vital element to support emerging technology platforms such as social media, mobile, big data analytics and cloud to drive business performance.  Our senior software architects are experts in large-scale software systems design and help our customers to create patentable IPs, products and platforms.

When businesses have a need of designing a new system or building a product or software application, our software architects helps to provide the right guidance of assessing business goals and objectives on the right selection of design patterns, tools and technologies.

Our software architecture consulting offerings are

  • Software Architecture Blueprinting
  • Business & IT Strategy
  • Application Portfolio and Optimization
  • IP creation, Platform and Product engineering
  • Software Architecture Training

Our architecture consulting service engagements are

  • Outsourced architecture design
  • Architecture evaluation & review
  • Performance review and system review
  • End to End Project execution

Legacy Modernisation

With fast changing technologies and business process evolution, maintaining the IT systems and solutions to current standards becomes a vital business decision to extract the best benefit of latest technologies and computing devices. Legacy technologies and infrastructure are the cause of systems inflexibility, which is compounded by unavailability of skills and increased cost of ownership of such systems.

Legacy Modernization is the continued process of transforming Legacy Systems in order to reduce IT environment complexity and costs, increase data consistency. IT modernization delivers competitive advantages of agile business processes based on new technologies, new architecture and new computing devices. Additionally, it also helps businesses to mitigate risks and reduces the cost of ownership.

 Businesses which adapt legacy modernisation can

  • Reengineer business processes and accelerate business operational efficiency
  • Access the full power of modern technologies and architecture
  • Keep in line with current state of IT modernisation and tap in to the moden skill sets
  • Overcome application design limitations and support new business requirements in line with current digital transformation harnessing the power of mobile, social and more
  • Build an easy to adapt, low cost, secure, and scalable solution

SourceEdge, with over a decade of IT expertise in deep domain and technology modernization, helps organizations transform their legacy systems into modern, efficient, and responsive customer centric systems. Our legacy modernization services focus on improving the longevity, usability, functionality, and accessibility of current systems.

We bring to our customers technology-neutral and vendor-neutral solutions that best fit to their business requirements and achieve the maximum benefit of modernization of their legacy systems by implementing new systems, and deploy modern IT infrastructure that can deliver high performance, agility, and profitability.

With SourceEdge, customer can plan their legacy modernisation on

  • Application Modernisation as desktop application, rich application and Web modernisation
  • Development of Mobile Applications, Hybrid mobile applications
  • Development of Cloud Applications as PaaS and SaaS
  • Enterprise Architecture Modernisation
  • Open source application development and migration



SourceEdge have provided a valued service in helping Globalsoft lay foundations in India. Their flexible infrastructure solutions and their knowledgeable advice on local market practices have allowed us to stay focused on our business and its growth.

Vivek Ramakrishna

Impressed with the services

We have been using ‘SpeedFreight’ solution implemented by SourceEdge since 2007. We are impressed on solution features for it’s ease of use, simple and quick to operate, does meet all our business needs to manage operations, financial accounting, customer relationship, goods tracking, warehouse storage and trans-shipment. We could control cost, manage cash-flow and increase profitability every year.

Tarun Shah

AgriSys ERP – complete software

We chose SourceEdge to build and implement AgriSys ERP for our business after exploring several standard products. It is a complete software which has most of the modules required for Seed industry.

Deepinder Singh
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