Business Support Services

Our business support services are aimed at creating value by eliminating redundancies and turning your existing business.....

Business Support Services


With challenging economics to reduce the cost of skilled resources, reduced infrastructure cost, effective use of key resources and freeing the bandwidth of core resources, organisations globally rely on outsourced business support services to free up their time to manage better business productivity and spend more time on their business critical functions.

These business support services, often called as Back Office Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), are no longer adhoc process, however they become more perennial process that requires full attention with dedicated resources as part of complete business functions.

SourceEdge’s business support services is managed by industry professionals who bring high degree of administrative, operational strategies and customer support centric-skills to manage simple to complex business process support services for our customers globally. With defacto IT skills, our business support resources are flexible, adaptable, self-motivated and passionate resources to provide highest level of customer experience and satisfaction delivering the services round the clock on 24/7.

When our customers engage with SourceEdge to outsource business support services to us, they are guarantee with larger business benefits of
  • Reduced resource costs
  • Lowest attrition rates
  • Reduced infrastructure cost
  • Efficient process and metrics
  • Strict controls and compliances
  • Access to wide choice of resources matching specific to business functions
  • Get additional bandwidth to manage business critical functions and much more.


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