MicroFin Edge

Micro-FinEdge is a user friendly software solution used for recording transactions related to collection of repayment of loans that can be integrated with handheld devices as an advanced tool for Microfinance business community.



  • Group/Individual Registration: Registration will be done for groups/individuals
  • LSA Agent Master:This captures the details of LSA Agents/Managers
  • Sector Master:Allows to create sectorial master as businessdefines them in categories and set business policyof sanctioning loans
  • BPL (Below Poverty line) Master:Allows to define the range of income for BPL
  • Loan Product:Allows to define Loan products


  • Loan Application:Loan application details will be captured inthis transaction
  • Loan Sanction:Loan sanction details like Loan amount,interest rate, repayment schedule etc., will becaptured in this transaction
  • Security Amount Receipt/ Repayment:Security amount receipt/ repayment detailsare captured in this transaction
  • Loan Disbursement:In this transaction, details like payment releaseDate, Amount, Funded by Bank, Schedule StartDate, Number of Installment and EMI Amount willbe captured
  • Loan collection Receipt:Loan collection receipts can be generated in two ways Receipt can be generated directly in the branch
    Receipt can be generated in the place ofcollection with the help of hand held device
  • Tentative repayment schedule:This is used to calculate the tentative repaymentschedules