Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint 2016 makes it easier for people to work together. Using SharePoint 2016, your people can set up Web sites to share information with others, manage documents from start to finish, and publish reports to help everyone make better decisions. When your organisation needs an integrated secure system to store, organize, share, and access information from almost any device, then Microsoft SharePoint is the solution.



The SharePoint Platform Services are Depicted Below

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SharePoint can provide intranet portals, document and file management, collaboration, social networks, extranets, websites, enterprise search, and business intelligence.



SharePoint communication sites begin rollout to Office 365 customers

During last month’s SharePoint Virtual Summit, we unveiled SharePoint communication sites—beautiful, dynamic sites that let you reach a broad internal audience, and that look great on the web, in the SharePoint mobile app, on PC and on Mac. Today, we’re excited to announce that communication sites are now rolling out to Office 365 First Release customers, followed by full worldwide rollout to Office 365 customers in the coming months.

SharePoint Virtual Summit showcases growth, innovations and customer success

Today, during the SharePoint Virtual Summit, we unveiled the latest innovations for SharePoint and OneDrive, including powerful integrations across Office 365, Windows and Azure. These developments build upon the vision we unveiled last year, and have been delivering on since, with innovations to reinvent content collaboration and usher in a new generation of mobile and intelligent intranets. We also showcased Office 365 customers who are using SharePoint to accelerate their digital transformation.

  • Video: Overview of social computing in SharePoint Server 2013

    In this video, Bill Baer, SharePoint Senior Product Marketing Manager, provides an overview of the benefits and value that social computing and collaboration bring to the enterprise. He also introduces the key improvements to the social and collaboration features in SharePoint Server 2013.

  • Authentication overview for SharePoint 2013

    Learn about how user, app, and server-to-server authentication works in SharePoint 2013.
    SharePoint 2013 requires authentication.