SourceEdge participated in Bengaluru Tech Summit 2018.


December 2018

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SourceEdge participated in Bengaluru Tech Summit 2018.

SourceEdge is very proud to have been a part of the 21st edition of Karnataka’s Bengaluru Tech Summit 2018. It was organised by the Department of Information Technology and Biotechnology (IT and BT) with our Stall in STPI pavilion with theme ‘APP Modernization – Get CLOUD Ready’. This pioneering event was held from 29th of November to 1st of December 2018 at Palace Ground, Bengaluru.

SourceEdge promoted on the Digital Transformation of Organizations with Mobility, Cloud and Analytics service offerings of SourceEdge, primarily focussing on ‘START SMALL’ and taking the FIRST STEPS towards modernization by re-engineering of existing applications. It’s been a great experience interacting with people from different industries and having constructive discussions on their business challenges.

We are so thankful to STPI for extending a warm invite to be a part of this grand event. This 3 days of exciting and inspiring tech event covered tech spectrum like multiple product launches by Start-ups across various verticals - Biotech, Pharmaceuticals, Robotics, IOT, etc. In addition, there were also some industry conclaves and awards especially for IT exports and distinction in biotech.

Eminent speakers shared their thoughts on Technological Advances and their impact to counter societal challenges and futuristic opportunities. The theme of this Tech Summit 2018 was ‘Innovation & Impact’. The event has always been a considered platform for major industries, latest technologies, and use cases to better understand and use the latest technical innovations in their businesses and daily lives. This year, Bengaluru Tech Summit 2018 (BTS) got wrapped up with a line-up of over 250 eminent speakers along with bunches of start-ups across the tech spectrum. Overall it’s been a wonderful 3 days of Fun, Excitement, Learning and Knowledge Transfer.