Outsourcing Basics

Winning the first deal is not what is important. What is important is the management of the project to successful delivery within the frame of the business agreement. We build a relationship with our client by first focusing on their vision and objectives, then develop a strategy to deliver successfully and with value. There are many things to take into consideration:


Identify your Needs
When considering outsourcing:

  • Define your outsourcing objectives
  • Identify, and prioritize the IT functions/support processes required
  • Evaluate the risks and rewards of outsourcing

Work a Plan
After deciding to outsource, it is important to:

  • Produce a Statement of Work
  • Plan resources, considering skill sets, how many and when
  • Prepare a detailed action plan with timing, roles and responsibilities clearly defined
  • Set formal agreements in place
  • Assess your prospective Supplier

Assess your prospective Supplier
Use your action plan to check:

  • they have the right competencies
  • they are proven to be reliable
  • they can offer the support you need
  • Their testimonials reassure you they are the supplier you want to work with

Prepare for outsourcing
Your supplier chosen, now is the time to:

  • Define the roles and responsibilities at either end
  • Determine how your existing process will need to be adapted
  • Define communication modes, processes and channels
  • Decide on resource acquisition
  • Set to start

Move the job
Now you are starting, things need to move:

  • Knowledge to transfer
  • A replicate environment to be set up
  • Offshore resources communicated with
  • Tasks transfer


Manage to Complete

Critical for success are complete transparency and competent administration. Good monitoring and evaluation systems help measure performance levels and ensure deliverables are to schedule.


We understand the complexities involved in moving work to a distant development center and dealing with a different culture, people, time zone etc. We aim to forge relationships with our clients that transcend these differences. Your experience need feel no different to when work is locally sourced. To help you succeed in your strategic outsourcing initiatives, we align our resources, processes for a common business goal: SUCCESS.