Oil & Gas

SourceEdge is well equipped with technology, expertise and global resources required to execute oil and gas venture of every size and complexity, helping your business grow in leaps and bounds.


The booming Oil and Gas (O&G) industry is foundation for a wide broad spectrum of cutting-edge technology for finding and producing petroleum reserves. The ability to see clearly, think clearly, and progress clearly is a crucial requirement for any O&G company. SourceEdge’s solutions provide this clarity – and enable closed loop management of business performance.


O&G companies have very distinctive, complicated procedures and varied requirements. To modify a general ERP software solution into catering to these diverse needs can be equally challenging. Thus, O&G companies have run into a real roadblock when trying to find an ERP Software System capable of effectively managing all the spheres.


SourceEdge combines end-to-end IT services, industry-proven O&G solutions and expertise to help organizations create cost-effective infrastructures that reduce costs and reach new levels of efficiency. Standing apart is our fully accountable and flexible approach that manages back-office functions on O&G clients’ behalf, letting organizations to strategize their focus.

  • Automate and streamline your key business processes
  • Fully loaded End-to-end system (without any manual processes, customization )
  • Deliver faster through improved measurable sales management.
  • Increased visibility and control across processes
  • Easily adaptable

In terms of Development and Deployment of new resources, or the sustainable operation of existing resources, our industry solutions deliver proven performance and excellence.