programmers dedicated to a single customer?

Yes, we dedicate Full Time Engineers (FTE) for a single customer. Our customer can start hiring FTEs as a single programmer to multiple programmers as their business demands without legally creating Indian offshore entity. Our customer will have more control to shortlist and select any resources matching their criteria in terms of technical competency, experience, academic background etc. Our Talent Acquisition (TA) and Project Management team interface the candidates and customer for all procedural selection through stages of filtering to interviews and final selection process.

How do you manage a dedicated programming team comprised of multiple resources?

This depends on different parameters like nature of development engagement between onsite-offshore team, type of project, nature of programming and project communication desired etc. There are many areas we would require to establish clear understanding on Offshore-Onsite engagement and define ’Program Management’ between SourceEdge and customer. However on a general note we intend to form a dedicated person/group of resources managed by a project manager. The Unit Head/Practice Head will oversee the entire operation and administration.


The various processes involved covers, Project planning, Project monitoring and review mechanism, Project risk management, Configuration management, Issue escalation and resolution, Infrastructure engagement communication with clients’ managers.


Hence we define all the above processes in the purview of meticulously drawn project planning and estimation process, which in turn delineates –


  • Project profile
  • Project processes related to life-cycle,change management, requirements trace ability, process tailoring, etc.
  • Deliverables and effort estimates
  • Goals and milestones
  • Project tracking: tasks, issues, quality, client feedback, reviews, reporting, escalation
  • Defect estimates and defect prevention
  • Project team roles, skills, key personnel, training
  • Risks and mitigation plan

We would anticipate putting our own experts’ onsite to monitor progress and assist with any development issues that arise. Would this be acceptable?

We have many instances where our customer representatives were based at our development facility to monitor progress of project engagement. We accept this need of our customer to assist offshore team.

What quality standards do you use in the production of software?

Cherry picked from ISO/CMM processes, our quality practices are aimed to provide continuous software engineering process improvement. A number of quality tracking methodologies, tools, and processes are put in place to ensure superior quality products and service to our customers – in each engagement and also across engagements.

How do you protect customer software from being incorrectly used or distributed?

We regard security as an essential part of our offering. Our premises and our procedures are designed to provide a high level of security. As a registered member of Software Technology Parks of India (STPI), our premises have been certified under custom bonded facility.


Portable computers, computer printouts and other media containing sensitive organization data are secured at all times from unauthorized access.


Personnel with access to computer networks, electronic mail, etc. secure their PCs when leaving them unattended; password protected screen savers are triggered automatically.


Digital drives can only be used if authorized by the system administrator following virus checking. Unapproved software, games, etc. may not be introduced onto company computers nor to any equipment provided by clients.


Online access: We restrict Internet connectivity to only privileged employees by virtue of their assignment with customer engagement. Over and above the central mailing server monitors all outgoing and incoming mails and ensures us from security leakages.


Physical guard all along operational and business hours: The mere requirement of STPI registered member is to maintain a security guard at the entrance of our development facility all along business and operational hours. This ensures complete protection of any software getting distributed out of the facility.

What assurances can you provide for customer confidentiality?

SourceEdge agrees to the obligations of customer confidentiality and non-disclosure as per standard agreement contract. SourceEdge shall, and will ensure that each of its employees hired directly or indirectly or in connection to business agreement between SourceEdge and the Customer shall, execute and deliver to customer“ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND UNDERTAKING IN RELATION TO CONFIDENTIALITY AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY”.


SourceEdge shall come to agreement of ensuring customer confidentiality on proper terms as agreeable between both the parties.

Do you have extended hours support capability?

Yes, we can provide you with extended hours support on “Follow the Sun” model for mission critical issues.

Describe your contract performance measurements.

We shall provide Services in accordance with generally accepted industry standards of care and competence in the required disciplines specified in the Work Order, using its own appropriate independent skill and judgment, and the manner and means that appear best suitable to it to perform the work. We shall ensure that our staffs adhere to applicable policies of the customer, including working hours and security procedures. However we are open to design a custom agreement detailing the standard of contract performance on mutually agreed terms.

How are time and material project deliverables guaranteed?

There will be a standard agreement between both the parties on individual assessment that any project/assignment would require an estimated effort. Every project would begin with initial agreement on such time scale and life cycle will be monitored regularly through time sheets that clearly include the properly approved engagement codes, whether in tangible or electronic format (“Time Cards”), indicating the total hours worked each day of the week and the total hours worked for such pay period or portion thereof (1st through the 15th, and 16th through the last day of the month).
SourceEdge will adhere to deliver performance within the agreed timescale unless and until there would be escalation on scope, frequent change requests, increased R&D effort etc. where both parties shall hold a meeting promptly to attempt in good faith to negotiate a resolution of the dispute and mutually agree upon the impact on deliverables.

How is progress tracked?

We have structured project management practices guided by our PMO (Project Management Office). Our PMO provides a consistent and disciplined approach to chartering, prioritizing, resourcing and monitoring of onshore / offshore projects with attention to quality and knowledge collection.


Our PMO uses ‘Project Management Tools’ using Microsoft SharePoint portal and Mantis for time sheet management, task management and bug reporting and helps to necessitate online interaction between Onshore-Offshore team. This tool serves as an integrated platform to connect all project participants like customer representatives, team members, stakeholders with the right security clearances to view project progression around the clock. These tools serves as a single knowledge repository for project artefacts, including and not limited to project plans, status reports, project meta-data, and issue and change request templates.