Communication Guaranteed

SourceEdge believes that communication is one of the most important ingredients of making a project successful. Be it an iterative waterfall or an agile methodology; be it an offshore or a FlexiShoreTM project, we follow several standard channels of communication and documentation.


At SourceEdge, a project manager is responsible to maintain several channels of communications, which can be internal as well as external.


  • All channels of communication in both internal and directions contribute to, and ensure the facilitation of the management of risks, issues, time, cost, scope, resources and quality of the project.
  • SourceEdge also uses Project Management tools to facilitate interactions between Onshore and Offshore teams. The tool acts as an integrated platform to connect all project participants such as client representatives, team members and stakeholders with the right security clearances to view project progression around the clock. The tool serves as a single knowledge repository for project artefacts, including project plans, status reports, project meta-data, issue and change request documents.