Software Architecture Consulting

For today’s ever changing technologies, solution architecture plays a very vital element to support emerging technology platforms such as social media, mobile, big data analytics and cloud to drive business performance. 

Our senior software architects are experts in large-scale software systems design and help our customers to create patentable IPs, products and platforms.

When businesses have a need of designing a new system or building a product or software application, our software architects helps to provide the right guidance of assessing business goals and objectives on the right selection of design patterns, tools and technologies.


Our software architecture consulting offerings are:

  • Software Architecture Blueprinting
  • Business & IT Strategy
  • Application Portfolio and Optimization
  • IP creation, Platform and Product engineering
  • Software Architecture Training

Our architecture consulting service engagements are:

  • Outsourced architecture design
  • Architecture evaluation & review
  • Performance review and system review
  • End to End Project execution