SQL Server Business Intelligence | Microsoft SQL 2012 R2

The self-service business intelligence features in SQL Server 2012 R2 will give our subject matter experts the tools they need to create their own dynamic reports.


SQL Server 2012 R2 and SharePoint Better Together




Business Intelligence

Designed as part of the world’s most popular business productivity suite, Microsoft Business Intelligence is designed to empower business users through the familiar tools they already know how to use today. End users can create their own reports and analysis and easily share and collaborate with their colleagues. Meanwhile, Microsoft Business Intelligence is designed with IT manageability and cost effectiveness in mind, allowing for better management of critical data assets across diverse systems to ensure the integrity of information, spanning the desktop, datacenter, and cloud.


Key Capabilities

  • Enable users to analyze millions of rows of data at lightning-fast speed by using PowerPivot for Excel
  • Manage self-service reporting solutions in Microsoft SharePoint Server
  • Accelerate report creation and simplify collaboration and management
  • Rely on feature-rich, powerful, and easy-to-use online analytical processing (OLAP) and data-mining capabilities

Business Intelligence supports the following services:


The Microsoft SQL Server team at SourceEdge consists of Microsoft SQL Server Certified consultants and has good experience in implementing successful projects for a decade now. Our team has experience in SQL Server implementation for multiple industry sectors. Our team has experience in handling multi- national and multi-cultural customers and has implementation experience across the globe.


  • Good Knowledge on SQL Server.
  • Strong experience in earlier versions Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Upgrades of existing versions to current version of MS SQL Server.
  • Strong expertise on Microsoft SQL Server Services such as Service Broker, Replication Services, Notification Services, Analysis Services, Reporting Services, Integration Services and Full Text Search Service.
  • Custom functionality development.


Project Management holds the key for successful implementation. Our team at Sourceedge has the right blend of team leaders and project managers who follow the key aspects of project management. This ensures our customer that all deliverables coming out of SourceEdge are given required attention and importance and thereby ensuring utmost quality and successful project delivery.


The project management methodology is been followed on all aspects of implementation like Analysis, Design and development, User Training and post implementation support requirements.










Business process automation on intranet

Client Location: Germany


Key staff involved: Team size of 4 comprising of Architect, Program Manager and Sr. Developers.


No of Months: 6 months


Project detail: The site is an intranet site which has various departments that have automated their processes to achieve higher efficiency and transparency in day-to-day process. The site has interactive workflow for the internal staff members of the organization. For internal workflow setup, we have developed and deployed modules by using Windows Workflow Foundation and SharePoint Integrated workflow engine. This solution is coupled with SSRS reporting integrated into SharePoint for business performance monitoring.

Develop Extranet(Internet Facing) Site on Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

Customer Location: New Jersey, US


Key staff involved: Team size of 6 comprising of Architect, Program Manager and Sr. Developers.


No of Months: 8 months


Project detail: The site is an internet facing site which will provide information to students who would like to enroll into colleges of New Jersey state. This site provides information related to admission procedure and details, Grants availability for students and other host of details that student would require before enrolling for courses in the colleges. The site has interactive workflow for the internal staff members of the organization, which handles all enquirers of students and parents alike.

Intranet website with automation of Business process

Customer Location: New Jersey, US


Key staff involved: Team size of 4 comprising of Program Manager and Sr. Developers.


No of Months: 5 months


Project detail: Intranet site for internal use which has NTLM and FBA access methodology to allow the companies employees and customers to access to their webpage for their day-to-day operations. Features include: Collaboration, Reporting (SSRS), Integration with ERP (CRM module for sales and marketing), blogs and other departmental process windows.

Intranet custom webparts

Customer Location: South Africa


Key staff involved: Team size comprising of Program Manager and Sr.Developers.


No of Months: months


Project detail: Black Light project is a intranet site which has two modules namely Classifieds and Micro blogging . Classified advertising is a form of advertising that is particularly common in newspapers, online and other periodicals, which may be sold or distributed free of charge. But Here Classifieds will allow staff members to advertise items for sale easily on your SharePoint intranet. Users can view the latest items or browse by category, set expiry dates, and use the quick image upload to add pictures. The application is designed to enable users to advertise items for sale in a structured environment, where buyers can locate items of interest easily, view the item’s details and get the contact information of the seller. The Classifieds application will be built as a Multiple Custom web parts with three view states that will integrate into the SharePoint lists.
Micro-blogs “allow users to exchange small elements of content such as short sentences, individual images via links. The blog entries are not moderated, but can be censored by an administrator. Users will also have a report abuse option, where the entry will be removed and flagged for administrators. The micro-blog data is built on lists and list subsets, which will hold all the data required for the Web part to operate

Upgradation of SPS 2007 to SPS 2010 and backend integration with CRM 4.0

Customer Location: USA


Key staff involved: Team size of 5 comprising of Architect, Program Manager and Sr.Developers.


No of Months: months


Project detail: Our Customer is the leading research and advisory firm for industry and infrastructure. For the complex business issues facing organizations today, their analysts and consultants have the industry knowledge and first-hand experience to help their customer find the best answers.
This is an internet site authenticated with forms based (FBA). This application gives an overview of all technology from business systems to product and asset lifecycle management, supply chain management, operations management and many more. So if customer are interested in getting more information on current industry standards or strategy, they can register on this site and subscribe to newsletters. Once the customer is registered they get access to all corners of the site depending based on their roles assigned.
One major feature is the synchronization of Sharepoint 2010 with CRM technology. When a user created in SharePoint, a contact will be created in CRM and vice versa. About twenty page layouts have been created to associate with their articles published. Entire site content are loaded into various lists and libraries created in their respective site or sub site. Content have been embossed in to site pages through custom content query webparts. Webparts like registration/change password/edit profile/recover password were built to accomplish FBA.

Online Quiz

Customer Location: Norway


Key staff involved: Team size of 3 comprising of Program Manager and Sr.Developers.


No of Months: months


Project detail:

This project mainly includes creation and integration of quiz webparts in three different languages, English, Finnish and Swedish. Multilingual feature is added to these webparts using resource files. Admin webpart was created to add quiz details like language, title and their respective questions. On user webpart toolpart was created to load quiz language and title, so that admin can assign particular quiz with language to a particular targeted group.


A print option was given at the quiz results view. Quiz results repository was created to add details of the user with his/her results. Based upon the quiz result admin can reassign that particular quiz if the user fails to get through in the first attempt.

Development of INTRANET on SPS 2010 and site templates for each department

Customer Location: Denmark


Key staff involved: Team size of 4 comprising of Project Manager and Sr. Developers.


No of Months: months


Project detail:

Project detail: The project was to create an INTRANET site on SPS 2010 for portal and collaboration. The customer wanted to have custom master pages, Sub-site master pages and multiple departmental template for reuse. The Home page and sub-sites are incorporating custom webparts for:

  • News section (Regular feed and managed by Site content editor)
  • Custom shortcuts
  • Find colleague functionality (Search incorporated only the user search and their details)
  • KPI webpart (showcasing the companies financial reports and analysis)
  • Employee of month
  • Message board
  • Organization chart

The customer was also provided with custom template site for multiple departments created by using the Content query webparts, content editor web parts, custom lists and organization level calendar to showcase all company-wide related events. The portal was implemented remotely as the customer base was in Denmark.

It was very nice time having been in touch with you while taking up our recent project for updating new database in Microsoft Dynamics.
I would like to thanks and congratulate to you and your team who has performed very nice and swift action to fulfill this project in less time and efficient way. Starting from the very first meeting till the completion of project, we saw very smooth transition in all aspects. Once again,We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent support from you and your team. Also, we here by wish you for great endeavor of your company in future. 
We shall also be in touch with you for all our future requirements in the field of IT.

Ankit Soni

Financial Controller with a leading manufacturer of valves for industrial use, UAE.