SharePoint 2010 Insights: BI for Everyone

SharePoint 2010 Insights lets everyone access the business information they need to make good decisions. With powerful features like interactive dashboards and scorecards, people can use the information in databases, reports, and business applications to address specific needs.


Even better, they can work naturally and confidently, thanks to a familiar user experience. Because SharePoint 2010 Insights uses well-known applications and interfaces, people are comfortable from the start, and they know how to get the data they need. For example, anyone can use Excel Services to publish Microsoft Excel workbooks in SharePoint 2010. From there, an entire team can access and analyze the same data and rest assured that everyone has the right information.



Help All Your People Be Decision Makers

With SharePoint 2010 Insights, people can access the information they need to do their best work. Its reporting and analysis features are both powerful and easy to use, and its familiar interfaces make anyone feel comfortable slicing and dicing data.


Improve Your Company’s Effectiveness

SharePoint 2010 Insights provides interactive dashboards and scorecards that help people define and measure success: key metrics can be matched to specific strategies and then shared, tracked, and discussed. By making Business Intelligence (BI) accessible to everyone, SharePoint 2010 Insights can help your people—and the entire company—be more effective and efficient.


Make IT More Efficient

SharePoint 2010 Insights provides a complete reporting and analysis solution: a full set of features, a familiar user experience, and a single console for administration and management. With centralized control of the system, you can save time and effort. Plus, you’ll be even more efficient as you use rich programming capabilities and development tools to deploy solutions that meet specific business needs.


Top Features

Decomposition Tree

Perform root cause analyses using powerful analytics to examine core data. View only the most pertinent information using the new Decomposition Tree.



Create rich dashboards that convey the right information the first time, aggregating content from multiple sources and displaying it in a Web browser in an understandable and collaborate environment. Rich interactivity lets you to analyze up-to-the-minute information and work with the data quickly and easily to identify key opportunities and trends.