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NutrioNAV provides a complete end-to-end integrated ERP solution for the food production companies. It connects with all the departments, data and processes into a single platform and gives the complete business insight and total control needed to take your business to the next level.

End-to-end quality control management of your entire food business

NutrioNAV helps by defining item wise quality parameters, tracking lot wise inventories, performing quality checks of incoming raw materials and finished goods or post production and tracking the shelf life of the product in real- time.

From inventory to dispatch all features in single ERP platform.

NutrioNAV offers all the sales, operations, purchasing, inventory and accounting management features in a single platform where it can track lot wise inventory movements. In addition, it has features such as auto-suggest lot dispatching, keeping track of non-moving and slow-moving materials in the production bay, tracking your shipments and maintaining different SKU's under one platform, running seamless sales schemes to your customers and more.

Matched production needs and comprehensive demand.

NutrioNAV provides the accessibility, reliability and scalability that you expect from your ERP Solution. Running an integrated system provides can give you features such as planning your production depending on the sales projection /forecast, defining and maintaining the recipe, tracking your machine center and working center allocations and capabilities, getting the appropriate product costing and more.

Things you can do with NutrioNAV

NutrioNAV manages all aspects of your food industry business, from the time raw materials enter into the system and until the final product is delivered as a single ERP solution. That's why investing in NutrioNAV will helps food production companies streamline operational efficiency and manage business growth.


Take control of your entire food production process right from incoming of raw of material to the final delivery.


NutrioNAV ERP Solution can easily manage and keeps track of inventory and its movement throughout your warehouse.


Integrate all your production scheduling and batch with more accurate forecasting and cost-effective production.


Use production data to assess new designs and discover more efficient production methods.


Advance level of visibility and insight of your food industry performance through the costing data.


Measure your performance and create accurate forecasts with real time and historical costing data.

Ready to take your food industry business to the next level?

Explore how NutrioNAV ERP solution can improve food safety, streamline operations and manage business growth.


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