Employee Speak


“I joined #SourceEdge around two years back and these two years have been the golden years of my professional life. The best part of being part of #SourceEdge is that it not only offers opportunities for those who have talent and wish to grow professionally, but also facilitates such efforts. The journey so far has given me exposure to all facets of my area of #expertise, #confidence to explore higher levels of achievement and the ability to accomplish professional excellence.”

Hamsa Rao
Sr. Software Engineer


“I have been working in SourceEdge for 5+ years now and it’s been an amazing experience. People are very friendly and we can interact with the management directly. I have worked on many new concepts which will help me to grow in my career. We get a chance to interact with the clients which has helped me gain domain knowledge”

Nithin M S
Sr. Software Engineer


” I started working with SourceEdge 3 years back and I can say it is perfect Platform for what I am today. Over these 3 years, I had many new opportunities and roles from which I learnt new skills and contributed to a diverse range of projects and successfully implemented them. SourceEdge provides me the right platform and environment for work-life balance. ”



“SE is a great place to work where goals to be achieved are defined clearly. Even with less resources we are able to deliver and achieve end goal. A deep insight of the technology thrives here”

– Anand